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Human progress is the business we deal in

What is Enactus?
We believe in investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others that creates a better world for us all
We are a global community of young academic, student and business leaders that use entrepreneurship to solve real world problems
Our Mission - Engage this generation of entreprenurial leaders to innovate, create and impact
Quick Facts & Figures
Established in 2012, Enactus NSUT is the social entrepreneurship chapter of NSUT having run over 8 successful projects till date.
Through our currently running projects, we have generated a revenue of more than INR 2,50,000 and impacted 500+ lives across Delhi
We incorporate technology as well as core engineering tehcniques in our projects to create a tangible change in the society
UNDP Goals Targeted
Integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programmes and reverse the loss of environmental resources that are imperative for world health.
Ensure Environment Sustainability
Uplift underprivileged communities from the shackles of poverty and provide an outlet of improving income, generating livelihood and ensuring that the beneficiaries are no longer under BPL.
Eradicate Extreme Hunger & Poverty
Forming a strong partnership with the german team from Enactus Bayreuth and taking action together, we aim to take social entrepreneurship to a global level.
Develop A Global Partnership For Development

CLAIR - Air Purifier Designed by Enactus NSUT

Air quality in Delhi NCR has deteriorated to hazardous levels, present AQI being 450+, more than 15 times the acceptable level recommended by WHO.
CLAIR with a price tag of ₹2999 only, is designed to provide clean air to every household. The air inside your house is not safe either. The impacts of indoor air pollution on human health is much higher when compared to the impacts caused by outdoor air pollution.
CLAIR is designed as a solution to Delhi-NCRs pollution problem. It is based on an efficient and affordable 2-stage filtration technique. CLAIR effectively cleans the indoor air by bringing down the PM 2.5 levels within safe limits under 3 hours.

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Our Projects

The heart & soul of entrepreneurial action fused with social change

Creating a sustainable model for farmers that allows them to sell directly to end consumer. Designing a plant based air purifier to tackle New Delhi's pollution.

Providing clean drinking water at cheap rates to madanpur khadar village by using state of the art technology and creating employment for unskilled youth.

Bringing hope to a long lost art form, Project Kitabat is set out to revive calligraphy in India and create business for the katibs of Old Delhi, who still display the magic of traditional calligraphy in their work.

Creating a more ecological way of farming, Project Aahar utilises hydroponics, a technique that allows for growing crops using mineral nutrient solvents to improve production and optimise the process.

Using solar water bulbs to provide permanent access to light in economically weaker areas of New Delhi, Project Urjal aims to achieve efficient energy solutions and provide minimal maintenance cost.

There is always space for a new project!

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