About The Project

Project Drinking Water aims to provide a clean water facility to the community of Madanpur Khadar in Sarita Vihar at affordable rates by utilising the Seimens Sky Hydrant Ultra-Filtration System. Comprising of an efficient Business Model and state-of-the-art-technology, the project aims to uplift the health & sanitation status of the community and provide employment to the unskilled youth of the village through a Water Kiosk setup. We aim to impact more than 1000 residents of the Madanpur Khadar village that acutely suffer from water borne problems and are in dire need of help.

Business Model

The implementation involves building a water kiosk service that is operated by the unemployed youth of Madanpur Khadar. Working in double shifts, they not only manage the kiosk but also keep records of sale and operate the filtration system to cater to the needs of hundreds of people of the village, along with the students of the local school that get the service free of cost. A source of income is established for our employees and the residents get cheap and affordable drinking water, making it a win-win situation.

Health, Hygiene and Literacy

Prior to the kiosk development, Enactus NSUT has proactively campaigned in the district highlighting the importance of Menstrual Hygeine, Literacy and Abolishing Open Defecation. Immensely successful in sensitizing 500+ people across the village, we continue to hold such drives in partnership with other social enterprises. We also provide the kiosk service free of cost to school children and promote the importance of Education amongst the rural population.

1200 Beneficiaries created through Water Kiosk service and Open Defecation + Menstrual Hygiene Campaigns

250% increase in income of employees and 95% satisfaction of WHO criteria for water purity

Annual Revenue projected at INR 2,48,00 with the Annual Savings of the community at INR 6,82,000