A more ecological way of farming

About The Project

India is an agrarian country because almost 55% of its population depends on agriculture & related activities for their livelihoods.

Project Aahar aims to uplift the living standards of the small scale farmers (by land area) in the metropolitan cities. The huge cost of irrigation, toxic chemical fertilizers, less yield, and labor-intensive farming methods are some of their problems. We tackle these problems, primarily with introducing modern farming methods and secondly our ‘Farm to Fork’ model for the sales side


- 12 farmers in Dwarka, Delhi.
- 2 farmers in Yamuna Khadar region.
- Average 30% increase in the monthly profits of our farmers.
- 4 society stalls for Farm to Fork model.
- 1000 happy society residents eating farm-fresh produce.

90% less water for irrigation used.

1.5 times heavier produce and no requirement for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Can be used to grow crops on barren land.